Aric with no armor

is a default character in Blades of Brim. He is the first character seen on the game and is also the first playable character used when playing Blades of Brim for the first time. His title is "The Knight Prince from the Western Kingdoms."

Appearance Edit

Aric is a born boy leader of the warriors of Brim who has a ponytail-like hair and wears a silver armor with a vest with four red and white squares, a brown belt, and brown boots. He is also always seen holding his signature sword called his "Trusty Rusty".

Armor Edit

The Squire's Set (Common)

Squire's Set

Aric with the Squire's Set

Screenshot 20180323-164640

Aric with the Knight's Set

Screenshot 20180323-165004

Aric with the Paladin's Set

  • Ponytail: No Boost
  • Vest: No Boost
  • Pants: No Boost

The Knight's Set (Common)

  • Headband: +1s Midas Touch
  • Scales: +2s Midas Touch
  • Greaves: +1s Wall Run

The Prince's Set (Rare)

  • Crown: +1s Golden Wings
  • Cape: +2s Golden Wings
  • Greaves: +2s Wall Run

The Paladin's Set (Rare)

  • Helm: +3s Poison Strike
  • Aegis: +4s Magic Shield
  • Greaves: +3s Poison Strike

The Northerner's Set (Rare)

  • Headband: +3s Magic Shield
  • Cape: +3s Golden Wings
  • Boots: +4s Poison Strike

The Skylord's Set (Epic)

  • Helm: +3s Golden Wings
  • Plate: +3s Midas Touch
  • Legs: +4s Magic Shield

The Lord's Set (Epic

  • Helm: +3s Midas Touch
  • Chestpiece: +5s Poison Strike
  • Legguards: +6s Golden Wings