Atlas The Mythical King from the Darkest Depths. Unlockable at level 13.

Appearance Edit

Atlas has blue skin and white markings around his eyes and chin. His hair is pure white and his eyes are a shade lighter blue than his skin and glowing.

Armor Edit

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The Atlantean's Set

The Atlantean's Set (Rare)

  • Swirl: +3s Midas Touch
  • Chest: +3s Magic Shield
  • Skirt: +2s Wall Run
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The Poseidon's Set

The Poseidon's Set (Rare)

  • Crown: +3s Magic Shield
  • Waves: +3s Midas Touch
  • Stride: +3s Midas Touch

The Regent's Set (Epic)

  • Crown: +8s Poison Strike
  • Plate: +8s Golden Wings
  • Legs: +3s Magic Shield