Crushers are a form of enemy in the game, Blades of Brim. They are mostly spotted on bridges with a mace.

Appearance Edit

They have a vibrant, bright purple skin, as with all other enemies in Blades of Brim. However, they are significantly bigger and larger in size than other enemies. They are spotted with a mace and are clad in what appears to be iron or metal helmet and shoulder plates.


When attacking, their mouth opens up and grows to approximately 1/3 to 1/4 of their whole body area. They are wearing a dark purple one-piece to cover their bodies.

They have gigantic hands and tiny legs to support their big frame.

Defeating a Crusher Edit

Defeating a crusher is easily one of the most challenging things an amateur gamer would stumble upon. This is a guide to show beginners how to defeat a crusher, when they have not comprehended the tutorial completely.

Step one Edit

The game will be in slow motion, and the player must use his or her eyes to see which direction the crusher is going to slam its mace towards. Once determined, the player must swipe the character in the direction that is not on the left or right side of the crusher, but instead on the opposite direction that it is swinging its mace towards.

Step two Edit

Once the player has performed that action, he or she will then proceed to give the final blow to the crusher. Do the same action as prescribed above. However, do note that this time, the game will not freeze to slow-motion, but instead be in normal-time.

Defeating a crusher is one of the required level goals needed for the player to level up.