Events is type of contest. New events start monthly. Events host new pets, armors and characters for event tokens. Events also host older pets, armors and characters with a special discount (unless they are already bought). These events come with elemental as well as holiday themes such Riding the Storm (lightning), Rise of the Monkey King (Chinese new year 2016) etc. Event tokens can be idols or just tokens. The events are:

(August 13 - October 7) Riding The Storm (Features Dela and new armors for Aric, Zamu and Atlas)

(October 7 - December 9) Playing With Fire (Features new armor for Fay and elemental boars as pets)

(October 10 - February 3) Cold As Ice (Features new armors for Lilith and Aric and elemental mountain goats as pets)

(February 4 - March 2) Rise Of The Monkey King (Features Wukong and new armors for Dela and Wukong)

(March 3 - April 6)  A Touch Of Magic (Features Isaac, and new armors for Lilith and Isaac)

(April 7 - TBA) The Gloom Swamps (Soon!)