Fay with no armor

Fay is an unlockable character at level 3. She is known as the Elven Princess from the Frozen Lakes. Since she's the first unlockable hero, she only costs 200 coins! 


Fay is a female elf warrior who has silver hair and a golden headband. Her top is a teal color with a gold outline, and her pants are brown. She has brown boots and a satchel, and she has green eyes. 


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The Highborn's Set

The Highborn's Set (Common) 

  • Tiara: +1s Midas Touch 
  • Shirt: +1s Midas Touch 
  • Trousers: +1s Wall Run 
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The Ranger:s Set

The Ranger's Set (Common) 

  • Hood: +3s Golden Wings 
  • Vest: +3s Golden Wings 
  • Boots: +1s Midas Touch  
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The Queen's Set

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The Valkyrie's Set

The Queen's Set (Rare) 

  • Crown: +2s Poison Strike 
  • Robes: +2s Poison Strike 
  • Skirt: +2s Poison Strike 

The Valkyrie's Set (Rare) 

  • Helm: +5s Magic Shield 
  • Wings: +2s Midas Touch 
  • Grieves: +5s Golden Wings 

The Fire Priestess' Set (Epic) 

  • Mask: +4s Poison Strike 
  • Core: +4s Midas Touch 
  • Drape: +4s Magic Shield 

The Harpy's Set (Epic) 

  • Crown: +3s Magic Shield
  • Wings: +4s Golden Wings
  • Talons: +3s Wall Run

The Elder's Set (Epic) 

  • Horns: +3s Midas Touch 
  • Plate: +6s Poison Strike 
  • Legguards: +2s Wall Run